Pi Kappa Phi at UAB.

Exceptional leaders. Uncommon opportunities.

Creating leaders. Fostering brotherhood. Serving others.

Our mission is to create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities. Thus, we value...

  • Common Loyalty.
  • Personal Responsibility.
  • Achievement.
  • Accountability.
  • Campus Involvement.
  • Responsible Citizenship.
  • Lifelong Commitment.

The Epsilon Phi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is committed to meeting this goal and living these values that our founders enstilled.

By becoming a Pi Kapp at UAB, you will have the opportunity to grow morally, succeed academically and personally, and develop a lifelong brotherhood: all while having the most fun in your life.

Philantrophy and Service

We serve the greater community as well as Pi Kappa Phi's own philanthropy, The Ability Experience, which helps people with disabilities and allows them to have the same shared social experiences as the rest of us. We are proud to raise tens of thousands of dollars each year for our cause and support people with disabilities in any way that we can. As a Pi Kapp, you will be putting your effort into helping and serving others around you.


We pride ourselves on our academic record, which is consistently one of the highest amongst Greek life and is significantly higher than the university average. Our brothers have earned prestigious academic awards, including being Goldwater and Fulbright scholars, Presidential Scholars, EMSAP and honors students, amongst other prestigious awards. Our brothers also participate in academic research, building the wealth of knowledge at UAB. Outcomes of brothers include medical school, graduate school programs, and succesful transitions into business and the workforce.

Leadership and Involvement

Our brothers are some of the most involved on campus. Pi Kapp has consistently produced Mr. UABs and Mr. UAB finalists every year for the past 10 years. Additionally, our brothers are Trailblazers (tour guides), involved in student government, serve the national alumni society, and serve as prestigious UAB Ambassadors. Overall, we hold leadership positions in over 50 different organizations on campus.

Brotherhood and Social Life

We provide a support system for each other that no other organization on campus can replicate. Joining and becoming a Pi Kapp will allow you to create bonds with your new brothers that will last a lifetime and will always support you in becoming a better man. Additionally, you will have to opportunity to create lasting memories in college in addition to completeing your coursework.


Why should I join Pi Kappa Phi?

Brotherhood and Development

Join a group of men committed to helping each other grow and gain a family away from home.

Campus Involvement

Get unparalleled opportunities to become involved on campus and make a difference as an undergraduate.

Service and Philantrophy

Help serve the greater Birmingham community and raise money and awareness for people with disabilities.


Join a brotherhood with a proven record of academic success and attain your goals.

Social Experiences

Gain a unique college social experience which can't be experienced outside of Greek life.


Network with past brothers and brothers across the country in your professional and academic studies.

Call To Action

Interested in supporting our philanthropy, the Ability Experience? Use this link below to donate and help people with disabilities!



Check out what we've been up to!

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  • Brotherhood/Social Experiences
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Tailgate Season

Brotherhood/Social Experiences

Volunteering at Children's Hospital

Philanthropy and Service

Brother Henry Kendrick wins Mr. UAB

Academics and Involvement

Epsilon Phi Completes the Journey of Hope

Philantrophy and Service

Intramural Football Champs

Brotherhood/Social Experiences

Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

Academics and Involvement

Brothers Get Their White Coats

Academics and Involvement

Formal in New Orleans

Brotherhood/Social Experiences

Supporting People With Disabilities

Philanthropy and Service

Commited to Excellence.

Pi Kappa Phi at UAB has won multiple awards for our excellence and reputation at UAB and on a national level, including UAB's Top Chapter Awards, National Governance Awards, and Archon (President) of the Year awards.

National Awards, including National Governance Awards, National Archon (President) of the Year, and multiple Chapter Exellence awards.

UAB Awards, including a record 5 out of 7 awards for fraternities in 2022 which included Chapter of the Year, Fraternity Man of the Year, New Member of the Year, and Chapter Excellence in Campus Involvement and Leadership.

Years of leadership and excellence at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Highly succesful initated members, which include CEOs of multiple hospital systems, well-known doctors and entrepreneurs, and collegiate scholars including Goldwater, Rhodes, and Fulbright Scholars.

Aakash Sunkari

Class of 2025, Neuroscience and Biophysics, Pre-Med

Rushing Pi Kappa Phi my freshman year has been probably the best decision of my college career. From forming a strong brotherhood and having amazing social experiences, to gaining uncommon opportunities to lead and make a difference in the community, Pi Kapp has given me a family of brothers who bring the best out in me.

Aum Patel

Class of 2024, Biomedical Sciences, Pre-Med

Pi Kapp has given me the tools to succeed in my college career and the best social experience of my life. I am a better scholar, leader, and gentleman because of Pi Kappa Phi. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Donnelly Tighe

Class of 2025, Industrial Distribution

As a Pi Kapp legacy, I've heard about how great this fraternity was from my brother. Safe to say, I wasn't dissapointed when I rushed Pi Kapp. Regardless of whether I'm a legacy or not, I would've still rushed Pi Kapp either way.

Sergi Cebrian

Class of 2024, Biomedical Sciences, Pre-Dent

Coming into college, I was in the mindset of "I'm here to get my education, and that's it". I had the common misunderstanding that fraternities were just "drinking club". I was surprised to find out that Pi Kapp was different: the brothers were ambitious, intelligent, and were doing great things. I changed my mind and never looked back.

Carter Matthews

Class of 2023, Political Science, Pre-Law

Pi Kappa Phi has given me the opportunity to mature as a student while still having fun. There isn't any other fraternity on campus that I would want to rush. Rushing Pi Kapp is the single best decision of my life (so far) and I would encourage any new rushee to reach out and check out Pi Kappa Phi.

Chapter Leadership

Our Chapter's Executive Council

Ayush Patel

Archon (President)

Aum Patel

Vice Archon (Vice President)

Emmett Mixon


Aakash Sunkari


Sergi Cebrian


Stephen Sargent


Donnelly Tighe


Thomas Jackson

Risk Management Chairman

Jacob French

Philanthropy Chairman


Contact Us

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VP/Rush Chair - Aum Patel:

(205) 983-2750

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