Dear parents,

On the behalf of our chapter, we would like to welcome your son to The University of Alabama at Birmingham. UAB is a great place for your son to learn, innovate, and lead as he develops professionally, academically, and socially. We would like to invite your son to continue on that same path through the Epsilon Phi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi.

At Pi Kappa Phi, we challenge the norm of what it means to be a fraternity. As one of our past presidents, Kush Patel C/O 2021, once stated, “Too often, fraternities are seen as drinking clubs that offer no value to the college lifestyle, but what is forgotten in this stereotype is the opportunities for personal growth and leadership that fraternities offer.” Indeed, our fraternity was founded as a values-based organization designed to develop the undergraduate student into the ideal man, while still allowing him to grow socially. Your son will find that in Pi Kappa Phi, we value common loyalty, personal responsibility, achievement, accountability, campus involvement, responsible citizenship, and lifelong commitment. Whether that may be excelling in the classroom and academic research, leading on campus through the student government association, or scoring on the intramurals field, our fraternity challenges the idea that a fraternity is simply fun and games.

Nowhere is this more visible than in our efforts to help Pi Kappa Phi’s own philanthropy, The Ability Experience, which helps people with disabilities gain the same shared social experiences as the rest of us. As a part of your son’s fraternity experience, he will be able to support and raise money for people with disabilities. In addition, he may choose to take the next step and bike across the United States, raising money for The Ability Experience and interacting with the disability community along the way. Or, he may choose to sign up for an Ability Camp, going overseas and helping the disability community in underserved populations.

You will also find that our chapter has a prestigious reputation on campus. We consistently attract UAB’s top students, including Early Medical School Acceptance Program scholars, honors college students, and leaders on campus. No other fraternity has as many Mr. UABs – the highest leadership award possible as an undergraduate student – as Pi Kappa Phi. In addition, our fraternity also consists of SGA senators, trailblazers, UAB ambassadors, Rhodes Scholars, Goldwater Scholars, and more.

Most importantly, your son will be joining a brotherhood who will always be there to support him and bring the best out of him throughout his college career, whether that may be in academics, mental and physical health, social development, and general wellbeing. We will further reinforce any positive values you may have instilled in him, stimulate intellectual growth, offer advice, help during troubling times, and most of all, challenge him to be a better man. Upon graduation (or even during his undergraduate career!) he will have not only our current undergraduate members, but a whole host of successful Pi Kappa Phi alumni including prominent business leaders and CEOs, doctors and surgeons, engineers, lawyers, and other successful men to reach out to and gain advice and assistance on his future career.

Every single one of our members agree that joining Pi Kappa Phi was one of their best decisions of their college career. We have found peers who share the same ideals, values and goals as ourselves. Please allow us to build your son into a better man as he enjoys the opportunity which is the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.

Feel free to reach out to us at any point for any questions you may have about Pi Kappa Phi, fraternity life, UAB, or the college experience in general.

Best regards,

The Epsilon Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Exceptional Leaders. Uncommon Opportunities.