Commited to helping people with disabilities.

Pi Kappa Phi is the only fraternity in the nation to own and run its own philanthropy, The Ability Experience, which helps people with disabilities have the same shared social experiences as the rest of us. As a result, we take immense pride in our philanthropy and Pi Kappa Phi, on a national basis, is more connected and engaged with its philanthropic efforts than any other fraternity.

The Epsilon Phi chapter has a proven record with The Ability Experience. Not only do we consistently raise tens of thousands of dollars annually, we also directly impact the disability community. Whether it is biking across the country and meeting with disability communities along the way, building accessible communities for people with disabilities, leading Best Buddies efforts on campus, or simply going in for a "Friendship Visit" and hanging out with the disability community, our chapter is committed to putting the person before the disability and doing all we can to live that in our daily lives. Apart from serving The Ability Experience, Pi Kappa Phi has community service engagement around the city of Birmingham, including serving Children's Hospital, cleaning up around the city, or helping prepare warm meals for the less fortunate at Blazer Kitchen.


Challenging the idea of Fraternity

By Kush Patel, C/O 2021

Too often, Fraternities are seen as drinking clubs that offer no value to the college lifestyle, but what is forgotten in this stereotype is the opportunities for personal growth and leadership that Fraternities offer. I had one such opportunity this past March.

On behalf of the Ability Experience, Pi Kappa Phi's own national philanthropic organization, dedicated to improving the lives of those with disabilities, myself and 21 other brothers of my Fraternity from all over America travelled to Guatemala. Over the course of a single week we provided over 400 man hours to ADISA, a school for those with disabilities, we cleaned the campus, played with the children, and laid the foundation for a future dental clinic.

Without my Fraternity, I would never have been able to do this. Pi Kappa Phi gave me the opportunity to to leave something behind that I knew would help other people, and it was all the more rewarding to have my brothers by my side when I made it.

Pi Kappa Phi has allowed me to make a tangible difference in the world, and I can't wait to see how we can improve the world going forward. My Fraternity is my brotherhood, and they have lifted me just as much as I have lifted them.

Which, I think, is what brotherhood is all about.

Raising Funds

Our chapter regularly raises money for The Ability Experience by tabling on campus. Be sure to check out our Instagram to see when you can meet us, or donate HERE!

National Programs

Some of our brothers decide to take a big step towards helping people with disabilites through our national programs. Through Journey of Hope or Gear Up Florida, brothers ride a bike across the country or up the state of Florida, respectively, raising money and interacting with the disability community along the way. Through Ability Camp, our brothers will travel to another country and improve the surrounding community for people with disabilities.

War of the Roses

Our signature philanthropic event, the War of The Roses challenges sororities on UAB's campus to come and donate for The Ability Experience throughout an entire week. The sorority who raises the most amount of money is crowned as the champion, receives a portion of our donations to their own philanthropy, and has the opportunity to choose a sister to be our Ms. Blue and Gold, who is placed on our fraternity's composite.

Social Interaction

As Pi Kapps, we don't just raise money for our philanthropy, but live out our commitment. Many of our brothers decide to join Best Buddies, an organization that forms a friendship with students and people with disabilities. We also participate in Friendship Visits, which is an opportunity for brothers to meet up with the disability community and just hang out.